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Located just east of Tampa, Florida, we breed quality show and... Brindle, Breeder, Judge, Dogshows, Bitch, AKC, Pet, danes, USA, Showdogs, Great Dane, Breeding, Deutsche Doggen, Great Danes, dane, Puppy, Champion, Pedigree, Show, United States, Breeders, Florida, greatdane, GDCA, great, Grand Danios, Dog, Southeast, Puppies, Deutsche Dogge, Fawn, greatdanes, Dogs, McEmn, Valrico, Nikki Riggsbee, Tampa, Bitches, Brandon, Bay
Located just east of Tampa, Florida, we breed quality show and companion fawn and brindle Great Danes.    Puppies are available occasionally; older puppies and...
DACC, GA, Inc. - We create events and networking opportunities for...
DACC, GA, Inc. - We create events and networking opportunities for Danes and Americans.
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The International Council for Truth in Medicine
Inflammation in the body gives two to three times increased risk of depression. It shows a large Danish study involving 73,000 Danes.
VP Glasgow - Victoria Park City Of Glasgow Athletic Club Victoria Park City Of Glasgow Athletic Club is based at Scotstoun Stadium, Danes Drive, Glasgow.
Can you help? - Victoria Park Athletic Club is run by dedicated volunteers. The club would not exist or provide the service to athletes from the community we serve without the...   more...